At Firouzian Dentistry, we strive to utilize the best dental technology to deliver the best dental care to our patients. To maintain our commitment to delivering high quality dental care, we have decided to expand our commitment do digital dentistry, which lets us offer faster, more convenient, and more comfortable dental care to our patients.

Digital Impressions

Dr. Michael Firouzian of Columbus views a patient's digital biteOne of the biggest changes you’ll notice at Firouzian Dentistry is the move to always using digital impressions. In April, we added a Trios digital scanner, and now we’ve added an iTero. The iTero is an additional digital scanner that gives us more tools for working with your digital impressions.

In particular, it has more digital tools for working with orthodontic problems. We can use it for orthodontic screening, such as identifying concerns about the way your teeth fit together as part of a routine checkup. This lets us warn you about potential tooth damage and wear before it happens and take steps to prevent it. Since iTero is made by the company that also makes Invisalign, the system is completely compatible with the clear braces approach, allowing for an efficient, seamless, and accurate orthodontic treatment.

Digital Manufacturing

But digital dentistry for us means more than just impressions. We also utilize digital manufacturing at our office to achieve the results you’re looking for.

For years, we have pioneered the use of CEREC manufacturing, which creates composite and ceramic restorations carved to the perfect specifications designed by Dr. Mike.

Now we are also utilizing 3D printing technology. Although this can’t currently manufacture full-strength ceramic restorations, it can create many different items that make treatments faster and more convenient for our patients. For example, we can use our 3D printer to create a retainer. That means that we can manufacture your retainer immediately when you finish your orthodontic treatment. It can be better customized to your smile, so it fits more comfortably, and because we can manufacture it on the spot, you don’t need to make a return visit for it to be made. We can also manufacture teeth whitening trays so you can get custom home whitening trays in a single visit.

Sustainability and Safety

Digital dentistry expands our commitment to holistic dentistry and makes our office safer and more sustainable. When we can make impressions digitally, we don’t need to have physical impression materials. And we don’t need to physically ship impressions to a dental lab. This can reduce our carbon footprint by reducing transportation demands. And we won’t need to have as many materials in our office–nor will we produce as much waste. Physical impressions are inherently wasteful: they produce much of the material is wasted, and even the impressions themselves become waste after the restorations are made.

Also, impression materials may be safe in individual uses, but they often release fumes that can cause problems for those of us exposed to them every day. Eliminating these materials will make our office a more friendly place, both to the environment and to the health of our employees and patients.

Enjoy the Benefits of Advanced Dentistry

If you are looking for a dental office in Columbus that is dedicated to using advanced dental technology to offer better dental care, then you’re looking for Firouzian Dentistry. To learn more about how our advanced technology can make dentistry better for you, please call (614) 848-5001 today for an appointment at Firouzian Dentistry.