As with everything she does, Miley Cyrus felt it appropriate to post pictures of her wisdom teeth extraction procedure. On the one hand, this can be a good thing because it improves awareness, but with her flair for the dramatic, Cyrus may be doing as much harm as good.

How Many Teeth?

Miley Cyrus has just had several of her teeth removed, leaving her in a painful recovery, as evidenced by several photos she Instagrammed on Wednesday. Did Miley Cyrus Have More Than Her Wisdom Teeth Extracted?
Courtesy Miley Cyrus | Instagram

Along with pictures of herself during and after the wisdom teeth extraction, Cyrus posted a picture of her extracted teeth. The picture shows five separate pieces, causing many news outlets to say that Miley Cyrus had five teeth extracted. Since we only have four wisdom teeth, this led to speculation about the fifth tooth.

Since earlier posts included her digital x-rays, and some commentators noted that she needed additional treatment on one of her teeth, many might think that she had that tooth extracted along with her four wisdom teeth.

However, if you look at the picture closely–a little gross, I know–you can see that the “tooth” in the lower right looks different from the others. It has a flat surface that isn’t smooth and shiny like the others, and instead of curving outward, it seems to have a hollow inside it. This tells us it probably isn’t a fifth tooth, but a piece of one of the other four.

Sometimes, it’s advisable not to take a tooth out as a single piece. It’s easier and safer to take it out in pieces. When wisdom teeth are removed at a younger age, before they have a chance to develop roots, they’re easier to get out, so this is less likely, but at Cyrus’ age (22), the roots are sometimes quite well developed (which you can see from the picture).

The Good and Bad of Cyrus’ Oversharing Habit

The good thing about Cyrus being so public with her dental procedure is that it may encourage more of her fans to get their wisdom teeth extracted, hopefully before the teeth develop roots and before they lead to overcrowding.

The bad thing about Cyrus sharing her snaps is the commentary that goes with it, which she plays up as part of her usual performance style. Comments like “Ouch swoll AF” and “SAVE ME. F***ING MIZZY.” contribute to the misleading impression that wisdom teeth extraction is excessively painful. Because of this anxiety, people often put off wisdom teeth extraction to the detriment of their oral health and comfort.

The truth is that wisdom teeth extraction isn’t as painful as you probably think. With anesthesia, you likely won’t feel anything during the procedure, and after the fact you will have only mild discomfort, which can be controlled by either over-the-counter or prescription pain medication.

But if anxiety is keeping you from getting your wisdom teeth extracted, we offer sedation dentistry, like NuCalm, to help you feel comfortable before and during your procedure.

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