We often say that dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option, and it’s for a good reason. Dental implants can improve your quality of life! When you’re living with missing teeth or dentures, you’re likely making a lot of compromises in your life to adjust. With dentures, you can’t chew all the foods you once loved and you constantly feel worried they’re going to fall out. With missing teeth, you’re likely eating a limited diet and feeling embarrassed any time someone sees your toothless grin. Fortunately, with dental implants, you can get back the high quality of life you once enjoyed. Find out how.

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1. It’s Easier to Eat a Healthy Diet

One of the first ways dental implants will help you enjoy a higher quality of life is by enabling you to eat a healthy diet with more ease. With dentures or missing teeth, it can be difficult to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and nuts that your body needs as part of a healthy diet. Instead, you likely consumed more pasta and soft carbohydrates to stay filled up because more nutritious alternatives were more difficult to chew.

With All-On-4 implant dentures, chewing will feel similar to what it did when you had natural teeth. It will feel stable and secure enough to chew into a steak, bite into an apple, or chomp into corn on the cob. You can eat a healthy diet and watch as your overall health improves. A healthy diet can lead to an improved quality of life!

2. Experience Increased Confidence

Dental implants will also improve your life because they will improve your self-confidence. When you’re living with dentures or missing teeth, you might feel insecure about your smile, eating, or ever showing your teeth. With dental implants, we will replace all your missing teeth so that you have a complete, stable smile again. You will feel confident every time you open your mouth. As a result, your overall confidence will improve and it will bleed into the major areas of your life including your career, social life, and love life!

3. Enjoy an Overall Healthier Lifestyle

With dental implants, you will no longer have foods that are off-limits. As a result, you can eat all the healthy food you love. Once you start eating more nutritious foods, you might also feel inspired to start exercising more and take part in a much healthier lifestyle. A healthy diet and exercise will help improve your overall health and be part of a healthier lifestyle.

4. Prevent Premature Aging

Without natural teeth to stimulate the jaw bone, it will begin to resorb. One of the side effects of bone resorption is premature aging. More specifically, it causes wrinkles around the mouth, sagging skin under the chin and on the neck, thin lips, and less pronounced cheekbones. With dental implants, the jaw bone will be stimulated just like it is with natural teeth. This then helps you retain jaw bone and prevent premature aging. If you’ve had missing teeth for years, you will likely notice a more youthful appearance after getting dental implants.

5. Dental Implants Save Time

Think of all the time you spend cutting your food into the tiniest pieces, scrubbing your dentures clean, and messing with different adhesives to keep them in your mouth. With dental implants, you will save tons of time because your replacement teeth are fixed in your mouth. You can eat normal-sized bites of food and never mess with another type of adhesive again.

6. Eat All Your Favorite Foods

In addition to eating a healthy diet, you can also eat all your favorite foods that you might have had to give up with dentures or missing teeth. There’s nothing quite like biting into a caramel apple and feeling confident all thanks to dental implants.

7. Chewing and Smiling Feels Natural

Whenever you smile or chew with dentures in your mouth, you might constantly worry whether they’re going to fall out or look too obvious. The actions feel unnatural and uncomfortable. However, once you upgrade to dental implants, chewing and smiling will feel completely natural again. The dental implants work just like tooth roots so your replacement teeth are secure in your mouth and just as functional as natural teeth.

8. It’s Easy to Maintain Good Oral Health

The last way dental implants will improve your quality of life is by making it easier to maintain good oral health. Your replacement teeth will be attached to the dental implants which means you won’t have to take out your dentures every night to soak. Instead, you will brush your replacement teeth like you would natural teeth. Not only is this process easier, but it’s less embarrassing. You never have to go to bed with a toothless mouth. With an easier to clean mouth, your oral health will improve and it will be easier to maintain!

Change Your Life For the Better with Dental Implants

If you want to improve your quality of life and you’re currently living with missing teeth or dentures, dental implants might be the best solution for you. To find out if dental implants are right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Firouzian. To schedule a consultation with an implant dentist in Columbus, OH, please call (614) 848-5001 for an appointment at Firouzian Dentistry today.