We often say that dental implants are the best tooth replacement option. Now there’s more research than ever to support that.

This new study from Case Western Reserve University shows that dental implants lead to a better quality of life than any other tooth replacement option.

The Best of All Options

A middle aged couple laying on a picnic blanket outsideThis study focuses on the high-risk population of women with osteoporosis. Women with osteoporosis are at an increased risk for tooth loss, and may also be at an increased risk for dental implant failure. The study population consisted of 237 women with osteoporosis who had lost one or more adjacent teeth. These women got a variety of different tooth replacement options:

These women were then given a survey about their quality of life afterward, including questions related specifically to their restoration as well as other aspects of their life, including emotional state, health, work, and sex life.

Women who got dental implants reported the highest quality of life, including satisfaction in the emotional and sexual areas of the survey. Dental bridges led to the second-highest levels of satisfaction. Dentures resulted in lower levels of satisfaction than implants or bridges, but higher than those with no replacement. No replacement resulted in the lowest quality of life, including in emotional and sexual areas.

Are dental Implants Best for You?

This study shows us that making your mouth whole again can have a major impact on your qualify of life. Researchers also noted that the appearance of the tooth replacement has a significant impact on your quality of life, even though you may not realize it.

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