Dental crowns are commonly thought of as a reconstructive dentistry procedure. While they are most certainly that, they are also a superb cosmetic dentistry procedure. If you are looking to help your smile stay strong, healthy, and beautiful, there are many situations where a dental crown is the right choice for you. Let’s take some time to appreciate what a dental crown can do for you.

Strengthening a Weakened Tooth

Dental Crowns: Strength and BeautyOne of the times we most often call on a dental crown is when your natural tooth has become weakened and vulnerable to cracking or chipping. This might be due to many different causes.

It’s possible that you’ve long been a bruxer and your tooth has just reached its limit. Or maybe you’re a big fan of soda, wine, sports drinks, or other highly acid foods and drinks and your teeth have gotten worn away by the acids. Digestive problems and eating disorders can also erode your teeth with stomach acid. Other times, your tooth has developed cavities that are too large for a simple filling. You need something that can wrap around the tooth and restore its strength.

Modern dental crowns are made of advanced ceramics that can be stronger than your natural tooth enamel. This means that they can be used on any tooth in your mouth–you don’t have to get metal crowns on your back teeth any more.

Putting on a Beautiful Smile

Dental crowns are also great for making a damaged tooth beautiful again. Erosion, decay, and cracking aren’t just weakening your teeth, they’re also damaging the beautiful enamel that wraps the exterior of the tooth. Teeth whitening can remove simple stains in enamel, but it can’t help if the enamel is damaged or gone.

That’s where a dental crown comes in. It fits completely over the damaged tooth’s visible structure, giving it a new exterior. And this new exterior is going to be beautiful. It’s the same function as porcelain veneers, but it provides more complete coverage and can also provide more strength.

A Barrier around Your Tooth

A dental crown is also able to provide much more protection to your tooth than any other restoration. Because the dental crown goes completely over the surface of the tooth that’s above the gum line, it can protect the tooth from many of the threats that damaged your teeth in the first place.

Dental crowns don’t develop cavities, and with a good seal at the edge of the crown, you’re less likely to experience problems there, too. Dental crowns are also resistant to staining. With good routine care and polishing at your checkups, your dental crowns will maintain their brightness for a lifetime. And dental crowns aren’t as vulnerable to acids of any type, whether it’s from food or your stomach, so they won’t erode the way natural teeth do.

A Fresh Start for Your Smile

With dental crowns, your tooth gets a new lease on life. It will look and function like new. Plus, our CEREC technology allows us to make your dental crown in one visit for maximum convenience. And with proper care, it can last a long time, for years, even decades.

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