If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry in Columbus, Ohio, maybe now’s the right time for you to finally commit to getting the smile you’ve been longing for years. But if you’re still not decided, here are some reasons to consider why now might be a great time to get a smile makeover.

Find Love

Cosmetic dentistry can’t make anyone fall in love with you (not even a genie can do that!), but it is true that most men and women list a beautiful smile on the list of things they’re looking for in a partner.

sparklers and champagne glasses

Improve Your Relationship

But it isn’t just a new relationship that might benefit from your smile makeover. If you’re constantly hiding your smile or stopping yourself from smiling, your partner might think something’s wrong. It might be hard for them to understand that your reluctance to smile isn’t related to them. Having a smile that you feel comfortable sharing can help you send the signal to your beloved that you’re happy in your relationship and that you truly love them.

Sometimes it can even be helpful for you to get a smile makeover together with your partner.

Get a Job

There’s no surefire way to make sure you’ll get hired, but studies focused on common cosmetic issues like crooked or discolored teeth have shown that people are more likely to be hired–and more likely to get offered more money–if they have straighter, whiter teeth.

Get a Promotion

If you’ve had a job for a long time, but are finding promotion elusive, it may be your smile. More than cosmetics, what can trip you up for promotions is either your reluctance to smile or your lack of confidence. One thing bosses look for when considering promotions is someone who is happy and committed to their work, and if you’re not smiling at work, they might pass you over. And if you tend to avoid speaking up in meetings because you are unhappy with unattractive teeth, how are your bosses to know what great ideas you have?

Be a Better Boss

And just because you got that promotion, don’t think your smile doesn’t matter. It might matter more than ever. When you’re working with your supervisees, a smile is an invaluable tool to help you give your employees confidence and help them develop commitment to you and their work.

Be Yourself

But perhaps the most important reason to get a smile makeover is that it can just help you be yourself. Once you start guarding and concealing your smile, it can become a habit, and not just with your smile. Soon you will make a habit of concealing your emotions, and then you will find it very hard to just be yourself, maybe even when you’re alone. A smile makeover can make you free to be you.

Make a Fresh Start

Damage to your teeth may be a reminder of many things in your past. It could be a fight, a past drug habit, even childhood abuse or poverty. But no matter what, that smile damage is a reminder of who you used to be. Maybe that reminder is keeping you from becoming who you can be. A smile makeover might free you up to find your new self.

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