People often think that cosmetic dentistry is just designed to make teeth look better. However, because the beauty of teeth is inseparable from their health and function, cosmetic dentistry does much more than beautify: it’s designed to improve the health and function of your teeth as well.

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The Beauty You See

Many people come in to see us because they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. They know it impacts many aspects of their lives. It makes them self-conscious when dealing with others. It affects their job prospects. It affects their romantic prospects, even their long-term relationships.

And we can use a full mouth reconstruction to remedy any cosmetic complaints you may have about your smile. Discolored teeth, crooked teeth, worn teeth or chipped teeth can all be made beautiful.

But we also often discover that there is more going on than simply a cosmetic issue.

The Health You Feel

Many common cosmetic complaints may also be oral health issues. And these health issues don’t just affect your mouth: they can also contribute to overall poor health. Chronic infections like gum disease can sap your energy, make you vulnerable to other illnesses, and even increase your risk of serious health conditions from heart disease to cancer.

When we start planning cosmetic dentistry, we also plan to address underlying health issues that may contribute to an unattractive smile. And we’ll also check to make sure your teeth are capable of performing their necessary roles.

The Function You Need

Being beautiful when you smile is actually an essential function of your teeth, but it’s only one of many. Your teeth need to be able to chew properly and support the proper position of the jaw.

How do you know you’re not chewing properly? You might be able to feel it, either when you’re chewing or afterward as a soreness or just a sense that your jaw isn’t in the right position. Or maybe you feel it in your stomach or intestines because you’re constantly having digestive problems.

And what about the proper jaw position? You might know that’s not right if you experience symptoms of TMJ such as headaches or neck pain. You might clench or grind your teeth, trying to find the right position. Or maybe you know the jaw position’s wrong because you have sleep apnea. Your jaw is supposed to support your airway, and when it’s not in the right position, your airway is more likely to collapse at night.

Once we’ve diagnosed the source of your bite problems, we can design a solution that brings together all three elements: beauty, health, and function, to give you the new smile you’ve always dreamt of.

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