There is a golden age in childhood when kids are discovering their ability to be independent, but they haven’t quite set their sights on being adults. They’re still kids, not teenagers, and they engage in all sorts of vigorous imaginative play.

Although this play is great, it also has its drawbacks. Most dental traumas occur at the ages 10-13. What makes this so unfortunate is that by this age kids are adults in at least one important respect: they have some of their permanent teeth. This means that dental traumas at this age can last a lifetime

small child blowing bubbles outside

Causes of Tooth Injuries

With all the energy of play, kids also engage in many fights, often times with their close friends. These fights are, unfortunately, the most common cause of tooth injury.

Other times, kids may slip or trip and fall. Whether playing chase or climbing trees, there are lots of opportunities for kids to fall and damage their teeth, making this the second most common cause of tooth injury.

Sports are the third most common cause of tooth injury. It’s important to make sure kids have mouthguards to protect their teeth whenever they are competing in sports.

Treating Tooth Injuries

Tooth repair for kids is often handled the same as for adults. A chipped tooth may be treated with dental bonding if you are concerned your kid’s activity level may lead to future injuries that would damage porcelain veneers.

The good news is that if a kid knocks out a tooth, it often has a very good chance of recovery if placed back in the jaw by a dentist. But if it doesn’t, the tooth can be replaced with a partial denture or a dental bridge. Dental implants have to wait until the jaw has finished growing in most cases.

Did You Suffer an Injury as a Kid?

However a tooth injury was treated when you were a kid, you may not be happy with the results today.

If you got dental bonding, it may have worn, chipped away, or become stained by now. It might be time to consider porcelain veneers. When it fails, a dental bridge might be replaced by a dental implant. Dentures can also be replaced with dental implants, too.

As long as the repair was done reasonably well and your teeth are healthy, you should have many of the same options today as you had when the injury occurred. With improving technology, you may even have more options.

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