Let’s come right out and say that dentists like partial dentures even less than patients. Partial dentures are a poor tooth replacement option. They’re usually not functional for eating, barely functional for speaking, and come out of place so often that they’re nicknamed “flippers”.

This is not to say that no one gets good results from partial dentures. But even when they work, they can come with other problems. One common partial dentures problems people experience is receding gums.

Middle aged man embarrassed by his dentures covers his mouth with his hands

Partial Denture Problems: Receding Gums

A partial denture is a tooth replacement that replaces only the visible part of the tooth. There’s no root to secure the tooth. Instead, the replacement tooth attaches to a flat plastic or metal plate that sits in your mouth. This plate is “secured” using hooks and clasps that go around your remaining teeth.

Unfortunately, these hooks and clasps have the potential to irritate your gums. Once your gums become irritated, they can become inflamed and may recede. You may experience sore gums from partial dentures as a result. This can become worse by food and bacteria that collect on the hooks and clasps, encouraging gum disease.

A partial denture can irritate your gums underneath them, too. That’s because the partial denture sits on top of your gums. If you wear your denture when chewing (or even when clenching your teeth), this puts excess pressure on your gums. This can make them inflamed and vulnerable to recession. If you’re wondering why my partial denture hurts, it’s likely due to receding gums.

Receding Gums and Dentures: The Solution

So, what can we do about gum recession related to partial dentures? First, we can try adjusting your partial dentures so that the hooks and clasps aren’t irritating your gums. We might also recommend changes to your oral hygiene to help reduce the amount of food and bacteria contamination.

Adjustment of the partial denture might reduce irritation, but in some cases, you might have to take the partial out to eat.

In some cases, we might recommend dental implants or FOY® Dentures to replace your partial denture. These secure to your jawbone like natural teeth and don’t cause gum irritation like partial dentures. FOY® Dentures also improve your appearance by giving a facelift effect.

Once we’ve figured out the cause of your gum recession, we can use gum rejuvenation to restore your smile to a healthy, attractive appearance.

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