man plugs his ears while wife lays next to him, snoring in the summer nightSnoring can interrupt a peaceful night of sleep for anyone sleeping in the same room as you. It will also cause the quality of your sleep to decline which can result in feeling tired during the day. Snoring isn’t a nightly occurrence for everyone; some people might find that they snore significantly less during the summer months during the rest of the year. These people are known as seasonal snorers.

So is there a particular reason why you might snore less during the summer months? There are a few reasons.

More Vitamin D

During the summer months, people spend more time outside which provides them with more vitamin D. Vitamin D increases serotonin levels which not only helps you feel good but also gets a good night of sleep. Each person requires a different amount of vitamin D based on their skin type, geographic location, and time of year. If you find that you sleep better during the summer months and snore less, you’re also waking up feeling happier and fuller of energy to get outside again!

Fewer Allergies

Most people experience allergies in the spring and fall but during the summer months, they go away depending on where you live. When seasonal allergies aren’t at bay, you won’t experience an allergy-induced buildup of mucus in the nose. Allergies can clog your nose and force you to snore because you can’t breathe through your nose.

During the summer, these allergies aren’t present which means your nose isn’t blocked with mucus. Therefore, you don’t snore as much!

Using Fewer Medications

With cold and flu season coming to an end, you don’t have to take as many medications because you’re not getting sick. Except for, COVID-19, you’re not likely taking any cold or flu medications during the summer. Cold and flu medications can either plug up your nose, make your throat muscles relax, or keep you awake all night. By not taking these medications during the summer months, you’re snoring less and sleeping better.

Eating Healthier and Exercising

There’s nothing quite like beautiful summer weather to encourage you to get outside and get more exercise! Just getting at least 10 minutes of exercise per day can make a difference in your quality of sleep. In addition to exercising, the summer months also encourage people to eat healthier due to a large number of season fruits and vegetables. Eating healthier helps you feel happier and gives you more energy. Combine eating healthy and getting more exercise and you get a smaller waistline and a better night of sleep.

Tired of Snoring?

If you’re still snoring or your sleeping partner finds your snoring habit intolerable during other seasons, you might need a snoring treatment. Contact Firouzian Dentistry to learn more about our snoring treatment in Columbus, OH and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Firouzian. Please call (614) 848-5001 today!