senior couple walking along trail and smilingRecently, Firouzian Dentistry was featured again on Fox 28’s Medical Marketplace, where we were able to share the story of another successful treatment with the Denture Fountain of Youth ®.

We like these spots because they give us the opportunity to show how we can really turn around the life of people with dentures. Just tell us your needs and we’ll let you know if we have the answer.

Unhappy with Dentures

In this spot, we focus on our work with Erin, who had long been unhappy with her dentures. She was unable to eat with her dentures in. They had never fit properly and were completely dysfunctional. In addition, she was unhappy with the changes in appearance she’d seen as a result of wearing her dentures. She’d developed what she described as a “wattle”–loose, hanging skin under the chin, and her eyes had gained a droop around the corners. She also had significant wrinkles around her face.

Erin had actually had two sets of dentures. Both sets had the same problems, so she had grown resigned to the thought that life with dentures was just that way: unable to eat and unhappy with one’s appearance. That is, until she saw our first Medical Marketplace spot, and she realized that dentures could be better, and life with dentures could also be better.

Dentures That Make a Difference

When Erin came to us, she described her problems with her current dentures and what she wanted out of her next set. We listened to her problems and knew immediately that we could help her out. Erin’s problems are like those of so many denture wearers.

We fitted her with a new set of dentures using the Denture Fountain of Youth ® process. Erin was delighted with the results, as she immediately found she was able to eat with her dentures in a way that had never been possible before. And she was happy with the way her new dentures eliminated her “wattle” and elevated her eyes again.

We were also happy with the results. We always love to help people who have had a poor experience with previous dentures.

Many people with dentures are in a situation very similar to Erin’s, right down to thinking that their dentures can’t be better. We hope that this TV spot reaches more people so they understand the difference your dentures can make.

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