These days, more and more adults are seeking out orthodontic treatment to get their teeth straightened. Partly, it’s because technology has improved and offers better options than before, with Invisalign ® clear braces and Six Month Smiles ® accelerated treatment. But it’s also partly that people are realizing the significant emotional benefits that come from getting their teeth straightened.

Confident Smile

Of course, having a confident smile is going to help you feel happier. You will smile more freely, which helps you experience the positive feedback of emotions that improves your mood. And when the cameras come out, you won’t be dodging or hiding your smile.

A photo of a woman that has braces, and the picture of what her teeth look like after braces.

This has the side effect of letting others, as well as you, know when you’re truly happy. It can help reaffirm relationships and make everyone happier.

Investing in Yourself

If you’re the kind of person who puts others first, you probably partly put braces off because you feel selfish spending money on yourself. But getting braces isn’t like buying some new toy or piece of jewelry, it’s a real investment in yourself that affirms your value. Far from being selfish, it’s the kind of act that gives you a stronger sense of self-worth, which in turn gives you more to give.

This is especially true if you’re a parent who has paid for braces for one or more children. If you pay for braces for others, but not for yourself, it can make you feel devalued. And that leads to a sense of need, rather than creating a sense of satisfaction that makes you freer to give.

A Real Accomplishment

Many of us have a list of hopes and dreams that can start to weigh on us when we realize we’ll never fulfill them. But getting a straighter, more beautiful smile is something you can check off that list. The result is a positive sense of accomplishment rather than a nagging sense that your life is passing you by without making any progress.

And, who knows, having made one accomplishment, maybe you’ll be inspired to check a few other items off your list of hopes and dreams.

Being Brave

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to make a decision like getting braces as an adult. It’s a public admission that we had a crooked, unattractive smile. And it can make a big difference in the way people perceive you. They might think you’re younger and less mature than you are, or they might just see the braces and not the person. It means facing discomfort and inconvenience and expense.

But it’s an incredibly empowering moment when you decide to stop letting fear rule your life and instead do what you want to do despite your fears.

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