With the holiday season on the horizon, there’s no time like now to achieve a beautiful, white smile. All of your holiday photos will make your teeth look just as white as snow. With the following 10 tips from our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Firouzian, you can maintain a white smile all year round.

Handsome smiling man with shiny teeth looks out at the world from a window

1. Brush Your Teeth at the Right Time

One of the best times to brush your teeth are directly before you go to sleep and directly after you wake up (and of course, Don’t Forget to Brush after Parties). When you sleep, saliva dries up in your mouth which means there’s nothing to wash the bacteria away. If you brush your teeth before bed, you remove any bacteria from your mouth that could build up while you sleep. Brushing when you first wake up helps remove plaque and morning breath that may have built up in your sleep.

2. Floss With Your Eyes Closed

If you’re new to flossing, keep your eyes open until you have a good sense of what you’re doing. Once you have flossing down, practice doing it with your eyes shut. If you can do it without a mirror, you can do it anywhere and thus never skip doing it again.

3. Keep Your Breath Fresh

Fresh breath is usually healthy breath. Keep your mouth free of bacteria by using a mouthwash regularly. We recommend staying away from mouthwash that contains alcohol because it can dry out your mouth and make the tissue more susceptible to bacteria.

4. Brush with Baking Soda

Once a week, take the baking soda out of your pantry and brush your teeth with it. Baking soda helps removes stains and whitens teeth when you brush with it.

5. Gargle Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the perfect pre-rinse brushing solution. Gargle some before you brush your teeth to kill bacteria, whiten teeth and help remove stains.

6. Clean Your Tongue

Brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper is an easy way to remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth that would otherwise cause bad breath and other dental problems. Tongue scrapers are much more effective than brushing your tongue with a toothbrush.

7. Eat Detergent Foods

Eating foods that help clean your teeth is an easy way to keep your teeth clean and stain free. Foods include crunchy, crisp or firm foods like apples, raw carrots, and celery. Eat these after a meal if you won’t brush your teeth for a while.

8. Regularly Replace Your Toothbrush

If you use a manual toothbrush or electric, it’s important to use a new toothbrush or toothbrush head every 2 to 3 months to prevent yourself from putting bacteria in your mouth all the time.

9. Eat Light Colored Foods

If you really want to maintain a white smile, stay away from dark foods like coffee, tea, red wine and replace them with non-colored options.

10. Wear the Right Shade

Wearing a red or coral colored lipstick or wearing a vibrant top can help enhance how white your teeth look.

The above tips will only help your teeth get so white. With professional teeth whitening, Dr. Firouzian can give you a smile as white as you dream. Then, use the tips above to maintain it. Give our dental office a call at (614) 848-5001 to schedule a teeth whitening appointment today.