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Your Teeth Record Everything in Your Environment

A new field of environmental science is using teeth to track people’s chemical exposure to hazardous substances over their life. Although this procedure is primarily designed to help improve our environmental standards and track down dangerous pollution, it also reminds us of the wisdom of holistic dentistry. Everything you do has an [...]

Signs That Your Teeth Are Wearing Down

Tooth wear is a very common problem, but most people don’t understand how serious it can be. Most people with serious tooth wear don’t identify it until it’s very late and major restorative work is done. Although we can perform full mouth reconstruction, it’s much better to identify and treat these problems [...]

Treat Your Teeth Like a Classic Car, Not a Jalopy

Last week, Columbus was invaded by several fleets of classic cars, with two major events drawing aficionados to the area (plus a motorcycle rally). Both ran Friday and Saturday, and attracted thousands of classic cars displayed under the bright summer sun. The more professional event was the Goodguys PPG Nationals, which was not only a [...]

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The Connection between TMJ and Sleep Apnea

Many people don’t understand the close connection between the structure of the jaw and the proper functioning of the body. When the jaw isn’t properly positioned, it can cause airway problems that lead to snoring and sleep apnea. Poor jaw position can also lead to poor jaw function, including [...]

What It Means When a Tooth Goes Dark

If your smile has been discolored by food and drink, it’s typically all your teeth that become darker together. And when we treat your smile with teeth whitening, the entire smile whitens together. But what does it mean when one tooth gets suddenly darker? And how can that be treated? Her are some of the [...]

Should You Go from a Bite Splint to Full Mouth Reconstruction?

For many people, TMJ is related to an imbalance in the way teeth fit together. This puts excessive pressure on the jaw joints and may cause stress in the jaw muscles. The impacts of this dysfunction can be disruptive, even disabling and may range far beyond the jaw. When treating this imbalance, [...]

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