How All-On-4 Works

All-On-4 involves the placement of four dental implants per arch, followed by attaching a full denture to the implants. Traditionally, more than four dental implants were needed to support a full denture. Thanks to a careful study of the jaw bone anatomy and chewing pressure, it was discovered that only four dental implants were really needed to support a full denture as long as they were placed in areas that naturally retain the most jaw bone. They must also be placed at an angle for the most contact with the jaw bone as possible. This approach allows for a firm and secure foundation for implant dentures.

Not only do the implants play a role in your tooth replacements, but also the dentures. The dentures help balance the forces of the dental implants so none of them take more force than others, especially during the healing process. This is why we’re able to place dentures the same day as your procedure. These will be temporary dentures though. We will place your permanent pair after your jaw heals.

We will take a CBCT scan of your jaw to learn exactly where we want to place your dental implants. We also use advanced dental technology, nSequence, to guide us during surgery to ensure your implant dentures get placed in the correct area and position for the best results possible.

happy senior man smiles with his All-On-4 dentures

Benefits of All-On-4

All-On-4 is one of the best advancements in dentistry. Patients who formally couldn’t get dental implants are now securing their dentures with dental implants and transforming their quality of life. This procedure continues to gain in popularity due to its many amazing benefits including:

  • Tooth replacement in one day
  • Tooth replacement without a bone graft
  • Long-lasting results
  • Amazing looking results
  • Feel confident at all times
  • Less expensive than other implant denture options

The All-On-4 denture process is entirely streamlined so your procedure is completed in one day. Whether you already have dentures or this is your first pair, you will leave our office with a brand new smile and fully functional teeth. At no point during the healing process will you have to go without teeth. Once your jaw heals, we will attach your permanent pair and you will be set for years to come! As a bonus, we will ensure your replacement teeth look as attractive as possible.

Another amazing benefit is that most patients don’t require a bone graft due to the unique placement of dental implants. They don’t require as much bone as traditional dental implants which means more patients can get them  without a bone graft.

All-On-4 will also increase your confidence every time you eat, smile, or talk. Eat your favorite foods, smile all the time, and never worry that your dentures will fall out when you’re speaking. All-On-4 takes away the fear and lack of confidence that often comes with wearing dentures.

Lastly, since All-On-4 requires fewer dental implants than other implant dentures, it tends to be cheaper too. This means you will save money while gaining a gorgeous and functional smile.

Are All-On-4 Right For Me?

Do you want to replace your missing teeth with dentures that stay in place with your mouth? All-On-4 Implant Dentures in Columbus, OH might be right for you. Find out if you’re a good candidate by scheduling a consultation with our implant dentist, Dr. Firouzian today. Please call (614) 848-5001 to book an appointment.