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Our Columbus Cosmetic Dentist

Columbus dentist, Dr. Mike Firouzian

For more than 20 years, our dentist, Dr. Mike Firouzian, has delivered personalized and compassionate dental care to patients of all ages through his general and cosmetic dentistry practice in central Ohio. Dr. Mike and his team at Firouzian Dentistry are known for their collective commitment to providing a lifetime of care and for promoting a culture of patient comfort and satisfaction.

Dr. Mike possesses a tireless commitment to continuing education and he routinely seeks to utilize dental solutions to solve whole health problems like TMJ, sleep apnea and migraines. In addition to being a proud graduate of The Ohio State University, School of Dentistry, Dr. Mike has earned more than 1700 hours of continuing education, far more than is required of a dentist in Ohio.

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Harvard Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

Should you talk to a dentist about sleep apnea? Take this quick and helpful quiz to find out!

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TMJ Headache Screening

Is TMJ causing your headaches? Take this quick self-test to find out if TMJ treatment might relieve your painful recurring headaches.

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Our Comprehensive Dentistry Approach

At Firouzian Dentistry, we care about more than just your teeth. We take a comprehensive approach that aims to ensure your best health.

Health Risk Assessment

Poor oral health can endanger your overall health. We will identify any oral health conditions that may be putting your overall health and wellness at risk.

Head and Neck Cancer Screening

Successful cancer treatment depends on early detection. We will perform a thorough check for suspicious lesions both inside and outside your mouth.

Airway Health Screening

Although serious, even life-threatening, most breathing disorders go undetected until they cause major complications. We look for signs that you might have an obstructed airway.

Occlusion and Bite Analysis

Imbalance in your jaw system can cause many hard-to-treat symptoms. We look for signs that a bite problem could be causing headaches, neck pain, tinnitus, and more.

Restorative Teeth Screening

Teeth and restorations are subjected to wear, decay, and trauma daily. We check to make sure they are holding up under the strain or if any repairs are necessary.

Periodontal Screening

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the US. It’s also a serious risk to your overall health. We evaluate your gums for signs of infection.